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Interesting Facts About Italian Flag

History Of Italian Flag
In the 19th century when Italy unified they adopted a green white and red tricolor to face with the cross of Savoy as their national flag. To be exact it was on 7th of January 1797 when Italy came up with its first ever official flag.
It was a horizontal square shaped divided into three. The top most part was a blood red, followed by sparkling while in the middle and a dark green at the bottom. The flag also had an emblem on it. It was garland of laurei with 4 arrows.

Later in 1798,after the merger of Cispadane Republic and Transpadane republic, the emblem on the Italian flag was removed and instead of the horizontal bands, it was converted to a vertical tri colored flag.

After that, Italian flag changed several times with different emblems and colors but at last in 1946,the changes stopped and that very flag is still the official flag of Italy. It is almost the same as 1798's flag but the only difference is on the shape. Back in those days , it was a square shaped tri band but now following the standards of world flags, the Italian flag in rectangular with the same three colors green, white and red.

Flag of Italy is much identical with the Irish flag, greens and whites are exactly the same but it is the 3rd band that separates both flags as the Italian flag has red in it while Ireland chose orange to be their third choice in the tricolor.


Reading history, we find many interesting facts and there is a login behind every action. The three colors on the Italian flag were not chosen randomly but they were selected for some reasons :

Green on the flag of Italy represents happiness and joy. Other historians also mentioned that the green was adopted to represent the greenery and beauty of Italy.

White is mostly chosen as sign of peace, love and harmony and this is the reason most of the flags of the world have whites in them as they all want to promote peace.

Red color on the flag of Italy was chosen to represent the strength of Italy. They wanted to give an impression to world that they fought really hard for their land and red is representing bloodshed and sacrifices made the people of country

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Maestrotec Shopping de Serviços

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O que fazemos

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